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Physical Therapy services offered in Dearborn Heights, MI

Physical therapy includes a variety of treatments for quick healing and pain relief. At 1st Choice Chiropractic, board-certified chiropractor Hamzi Naserdean, DC, provides a range of physical therapy treatments in the Dearborn Heights, Michigan, office. These treatments can help you feel better fast while encouraging your body to restore injured tissues and bone. Call the office or use the provided online booking tool to make your appointment today. 

Physical Therapy Q&A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a group of treatments that help you to heal using the most current hands-on techniques in medical science. Unlike traditional medical care, physical therapy focuses on non-drug treatments that can help you heal in a natural way. 


If you’re recovering from an injury or have chronic pain, physical therapy can be an important aspect of your care.

How does physical therapy work?

At 1st Choice Chiropractic, Dr. Naserdean evaluates your condition, makes a diagnosis, and recommends a multipart treatment plan to help you recover. Some of the physical therapy treatments that may help you include:

Heat therapy

Heat therapy can dilate blood vessels, boost local blood flow, and encourage healing while effectively easing pain.

Cold therapy

Cold therapy effectively reduces swelling and inflammation, and it’s also helpful for numbing pain associated with injuries.

The Pettibon neuromuscular re-education system

The Pettibon System®, a neuromuscular approach to care, can fight issues like back pain and headaches. It’s a comprehensive spinal rehabilitation system that corrects musculoskeletal misalignment and reestablishes optimal spinal curvature. 


The system uses innovative tools like traction, the wobble chair, a vibration platform, and other tools in the office and at home.

Rehabilitative exercises

Rehabilitative exercises strengthen the core muscles that support your spine. This helps you recover faster, improves your posture, and reduces strain on your spine. 


Rehabilitative exercises reduce your risk of future injuries like torn muscles, herniated discs, ligament strains, and even incontinence. In addition, rehab exercises boost athletic performance.


Physical therapy is usually a combination of treatments that mainly focus on pain relief, like heat and cold therapy, along with treatments that focus more on retraining and restoring muscles and other tissues, like the Pettibon System and rehabilitative exercises. 


With this whole-body method of rehab, you get both immediate and lasting results.

What other treatments go with physical therapy?


Physical therapy is a very important part of your treatment, but it’s only one aspect of a whole-body program for optimal recovery. At 1st Choice Chiropractic, Dr. Naserdean diagnoses your specific issues and discusses your goals with you. 


He designs a treatment plan that includes chiropractic care like spinal adjustments and massage as well as physical therapy and alternative pain relief treatments like cupping therapy based on your needs. 


If you’re searching for pain relief, physical therapy offers that and much more because it helps you heal problems within your body and restores a better state of health. To learn more, call 1st Choice Chiropractic or click on the online booking link now.